SunShower Learning is a leading producer of emotionally impactful, thought-provoking training programs. Our goal is to give you a starting point for meaningful conversations, new insights and change. Did we mention that many of our programs have won awards for excellence? We design our programs to help you create workshops, seminars, lunch ‘n learns, or to be used as part of your existing training resource.

Fully documented with comprehensive training materials, you’ll be up and running your diversity workshop in no time. From our bestselling product, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts to our acclaimed Inclusion Insights program and ground-breaking Anyone Can Be An Ally, and the rest of our training library, we are dedicated to producing programs that you can use – in your workplace, at school, government organization, and everywhere, to create a more respectful workplace.


joel lesko producer

Joel Lesko, the director of SunShower Learning

Joel Lesko is the producer-director for all the SunShower programs. Developing the program concept, identifying the key elements, winners
writing the script, directing the production, and then all the post-production to get a product ready for distribution. And then the fun starts in bringing out the program and interfacing with the public.

Over the past 3 decades, Joel’s worked with a wide range of leaders and authors across many areas of interest around the world, including Al Gore, Deepak Chopra and others.  His documentary work has appeared on PBS, cable and TV, and has received over a dozen film industry awards including the Telly Award, Summit Award, Aurora Award, Videographer Film Award and the Iowa Film Award.

The Telly Awards has named SunShower Learning as a Bronze winner in the Annual Telly Awards for Defeating Unconscious Bias
and a Silver winner for Anyone Can Be An Ally. Previously, SunShower has received Telly Awards for Gateways to Inclusion, Ouch Your Silence Hurts, Ouch That Stereotype Hurts and SMILE!

So, what is a sunshower anyway?

sunA sunshower is defined as a weather phenomenon in which rain rises while the sun is shining. If you’ve ever seen this, it’s beautiful and quite inspiring. Usually it comes with an added bonus: a rainbow! We chose this name, SunShower Learning, because it reflected our philosophy about training and learning – that it comes not just from presenting facts or principles, and not just from hard work. Yes, making real and lasting change takes hard work, new perspectives and knowledge and … inspiration.

Maybe this is why our programs have been used by literally thousands of corporations, schools, governments and other organizations, including Costco, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Kraft, Shell, Oregon Metro, The World Bank, UCLA, Yale and the list goes on and on.

We’re also open to discussing new ideas. If you have an idea for a new video project, please give us a call and let’s talk.

PS – we’ve prepared the first segment of an online e-learning course version of Gateways to Inclusion. This e-learning course will enable you to offer the full Gateway program, with all of Sondra Thiederman’s important material, to all of your employees. You can preview it here


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