Liberty Mutual Insurance Offers Access to eLearning Video Series to Help Move Employees’ Inclusion Skills from Awareness to Action
joel lesko
November 21, 2019

BOSTON (Nov. 19, 2019) – Liberty Mutual Insurance today announced the availability of the Inclusion in Action eLearning Video Series for businesses and organizations of all sizes to help build more inclusive workplaces. Based on nine skills for employee communication and collaboration, the interactive, self-paced video series features relatable workplace scenarios to teach employees inclusive communication skills that can cultivate better work relationships and produce positive outcomes between employees and with customers.

"An inclusive work environment isn't built through awareness alone. It is something that needs continuous nurturing and support," said Liberty Mutual Insurance Senior Vice President and Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Dawn Frazier-Bohnert. "We saw an opportunity through the video series to create something relatable; something that could be used in real-life scenarios to move our employees from inclusion awareness to action and help them communicate effectively across differences. Providing our employees with this video series as a way to develop inclusion skills is an important step we've taken on our journey toward greater inclusion. We are excited to share our learnings and give other organizations the same opportunity."

The eLearning video series developed in partnership with SunShower Learning (yay) and VISIONS Inc. provide practical advice and touch on a range of skills from being trustworthy to taking a step back to practicing both/and thinking. For example, episode three, entitled "Practice Self-Focus," encourages viewers to reflect on why they react or feel a certain way in response to someone else's actions. The content prompts employees to notice their thoughts, feelings and needs to interact more effectively with others.

The Inclusion in Action eLearning video series has been viewed by more than 35,000 Liberty Mutual employees and is part of onboarding process for new employees. Employees rated the video series a  4.6 out of 5 stars and two-thirds report that their managers continue to reference and use the video teachings.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Senior Vice President and Field Executive, Central Region, Myrna Estrada praised the elearning video series: "These nine skills are game changers. We can find talented people and bring them in but we also need to create environments where every single voice can be heard."

The eLearning series – which includes Telly award-winning videos - is accessible on many platforms and includes material to help companies deploy and enhance the learning. It has a tiered pricing structure that takes into account a company's size, the video delivery system and whether it is a for profit or nonprofit organization. To test drive the full eLearning and learn about licensing opportunities and pricing, please visit www.InclusioninAction.com or call 888-449-6389 to speak with a representative from SunShower Learning.

All of Liberty Mutual's profits from sales of the eLearning video series will support More Than Words, a Boston-based nonprofit social enterprise that empowers youth of all backgrounds who are in the foster care system, are court involved, out of school or facing homelessness.

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