Unconscious Bias in the restaurant business

Excellent article features Gerry Fernandez of MFHA. link This Workplace Issue Might Be Hurting Your Team How to recognize and prevent unconscious bias in your restaurant. Fast food workers experience negative job problems with racial and gender bias. Most operators have training systems in place to address issues like workplace diversity, and to ensure the restaurant is a friendly, non-discriminating …

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cyberFEDS posts article about Defeating Unconscious Bias for federal government

Anjali Patel, Esq., cyberFEDS® Legal Editor Washington Bureau, has just interviewed me and posted an article. IN FOCUS: Creating a culture that helps employees understand and overcome their unconscious biases is crucial to ensuring a fair and equitable workplace, Joel Lesko told cyberFEDS® in an exclusive interview. Click this link to read the article. cyberFEDS article May 2016_Counter workplace unconscious

admincyberFEDS posts article about Defeating Unconscious Bias for federal government

Feds urged to fight ‘unconscious bias’ in hiring and promotions ~ Washington Post

It seems as if  there are articles everyday about unconscious bias and its impact on the workplace. April 14 in the Washington Post, an article by Joe Davidson outlines the issue quite well:   As dangerous as it was, battling overt segregation during the civil rights era was in some ways easier than combating today’s insidious racism. At least you …

adminFeds urged to fight ‘unconscious bias’ in hiring and promotions ~ Washington Post

Diversity without Inclusion

It’s popular to say, “diversity is good for business,” but I would say that that’s not entirely true. Why? Because diversity on its own is only half the story. It’s like Butch without Sundance or Will without Grace. Or a burger without fries (salad without olive oil for you veggies). It just doesn’t fulfill the promise. Experience shows that diversity requires inclusion in …

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Your Choice: Moving through Stereotypes an article

We’re all familiar with stereotypes — they are simplified, fixed beliefs about a group of people. Most of us can quickly call to mind stereotypes about lots of groups. Think for a moment about the stereotypes you have heard expressed about older people, teenagers, Jews, Muslims, Christians, women, black men, white men, blondes (blonde women that is), overweight people, welfare …

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Training Makes a Difference for Defeating Stereotypes

People demonstrate reduced stereotype activation when they’ve received training. The results from the training task provide further evidence for the impact of practice on participants’ proficiency in negating stereotypes. This is according to a recent study by Kawakami, Davidio, Moll and Hermsen. An article, “Just say no (to stereotyping): effects of training in the negation of stereotypic associations on stereotype …

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Research study validates Ouch! training

“Based on observations made by the UC Evaluation Team while participating in the Ouch! workshop, an implicit goal of the workshop was also determined to be to increase participants’ awareness of how often they encounter culturally insensitive stereotypes and statements at home, in social settings or in work/school environments.”  from the summary of evaluation results.   A recent study at …

adminResearch study validates Ouch! training