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Defeating Unconscious Bias is available in these formats: DVD, USB Flash Drive and Streaming.

The comprehensive Leader’s Guide lays out a step-by-step outline to conduct a 90-minute training session. The training package also includes a post-test handout and Powerpoint presentation. Each training package includes a set of 25 reminder cards for your colleagues and trainees to keep nearby to remember the skills learned during your training.


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5 Strategies

The classroom DVD training package includes:

1 CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide, Handout and Powerpoint.
1 pack of Reminder Cards (25 cards).

The USB Flash Drive includes:

1 USB Flash Drive with the video and Leader’s Guide, Handout and Powerpoint.
1 pack of Reminder Cards (25 cards)


Streaming via SunShower’s SCORM LMS or your LMS
Download of the Leader’s Guide, Handout and Powerpoint
1 pack of Reminder Cards (25 cards)


“You can’t change what you don’t know and you will not act on what you don’t acknowledgeDefeating Unconscious Bias is a powerful learning resource that encourages honest, personal awareness by reinforcing inclusive behaviors that will ultimately benefit all.”   Poppie M. Parish, Senior VP, D&I,  Key Bank


“Acknowledging that unconscious bias exists in all of us is a good first step, but then we need actionable and memorable resources to interrupt bias.  This 14-minute video offers 5 simple, actionable, and memorable strategies to enhance workplace productivity and innovation by addressing bias.  The authenticity and diversity of the scenarios utilized keeps your attention, and the solutions suggested support change without blame.”  ~  Deborah Dagit, Deb Dagit Diversity LLC


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