Denny's new TV
joel lesko
May 3, 2019

“If you look around, we’re not all so different. We all want a friend we can talk to; we all want somewhere where we can be ourselves. A place where it’s okay to be different. And sure, there’s tension out there, but here, you leave that all at the door”…

I’m glad that Denny’s is launching a new campaign focusing on inclusiveness and creating a welcoming place for all their guests and hopefully their staff. In the past, Denny’s has created a lot of bad situations with staff mistreating people based on race and gender and other biases. This is one of the challenges of the restaurant business - giving your team enough training, education, experience and support to serve each and every guest with at least respect, and at best, with a warm welcoming and responsive service.

This is why we’re working on a new program that will help companies and organizations that are in the customer service business - a video and elearning course to help frontline customer service providers disrupt and counteract their own unconscious biases. Watch for it this summer.

Back to Denny’s. I sincerely hope they’ll go beyond a warm and fuzzy advertisement and take the time to support their people with training that helps. It’s an intense business and the contact with guests is intimate and constant. One incident can go viral and cause terrible damage to an international brand. We’re here to help - with our existing programs, Ouch and Defeating Unconscious Bias, and our upcoming Unconscious Bias for the Frontline. And can come and do workshops and coaching.

Congrats again to Denny’s. I’ll give you another try soon.

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