SunShower awarded Silver Telly Award for Within Our Power to Prevent and Address Sexual Harassment

Joel Lesko
June 6, 2020

The 2020 Telly Awards have recognized SunShower Learning's newest program, Within Our Power, with the Silver Telly, in the category of Corporate Training.

Within Our Power: Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment Together is a breakthrough program that outlines the four roles we can all find ourselves in and the four powerful actions we must all take to educate and take action against sexual harassment. SunShower partnered with Mary Chlopecki, a DC-based expert in sexual harassment training, investigation and litigation. Congratulations Mary!

The Telly Awards have three categories: Winners, Silver and then Bronze. SunShower has received more than a dozen Bronze Awards, and quite a few Silvers. When you look at the list of other producers and clients, SunShower stands with large agencies and companies. We are proud of the work and eager to share it with you.

Within Our Power is available in two formats: USB Workshop Kit and a comprehensive e-Learning course. Both will meet your compliance needs. More info.

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