From Awareness to Action: How to address unconscious bias
Our newest program

Defeating Unconscious Bias has been designed to give you the tools to address unconscious bias – a problem affecting hiring, promoting, team building and all aspects of the workplace. With this 14-minute video, Leader’s Guide and Powerpoint presentation, you’ll have the materials and support you need to create a training initiative and conduct a workshop. Defeating Unconscious Bias will give your people the awareness to identify their own bias and outline clear action steps to counter it.

“You can’t change what you don’t know and you will not act on what you don’t acknowledge. Defeating Unconscious Bias is a powerful learning resource that encourages honest, personal awareness by reinforcing inclusive behaviors that will ultimately benefit all.”
~ Poppie M. Parish Senior VP, D&I,  Key Bank

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What can you do about the bias that’s affecting your workplace?

We all have bias. The question is, do we recognize it and then do something about it?

Defeating Unconscious Bias builds on the training provided by Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts and Gateways to Inclusion by addressing one of the most important training issues facing the workplace today: unconscious bias.

“In this video training program, we’ve created a tool that trainers, facilitators and managers can use to help people understand the impact of bias and take concrete steps to counter their own bias,” says Joel Lesko, SunShower’s producer. “Defeating Unconscious Bias comes out of my passion to help people create the ground for an inclusive, respectful workplace.” Call Joel now: +1-888-723-8517

The video shows three realistic vignettes that illustrate the impact of bias on people in the workplace. In the next section, the video teaches five practical and ready-to-implement tools people can use to become aware of and counter their own personal bias. Follow this link to watch the full preview of Defeating Unconscious Bias to watch the full 14-minute video and learn more about the support materials.

Elearning course now available
Fully interactive, the self-paced elearning course is based on the 14-minute video and adds exercises, knowledge checks and final 10-question quiz. It is SCORM-compliant and ready to be installed in your Learning Management System. Give us a call for more information and to preview.  Read a PDF on the course link

Effective Training Requires Emotional Impact

At SunShower Learning, we give you tools that can help you in your efforts to create a more respectful workplace. Our training programs can be used as part of a larger initiative or as specific training to address issues of stereotypes and unconscious bias. The programs are adaptable, powerful and validated by years of use in real training rooms around the world. Working with expert authors and speakers like Leslie Aguilar, Dr. Sondra Thiederman, Brian McNaught and Dr. Steve Robbins, SunShower has assembled a series of diversity programs that simply put, work. Our passion is helping people speak up and find concrete actions to improve themselves and their workplace.

Training to open new conversations
From “doing the right thing” to finding the business advantage, the diversity world has shifted. SunShower has been on the cutting edge of this shift by not only describing the problem, but giving viewers the feeling of how these difficult situations impact people. The programs show the pain on all sides of the situation. Then, most importantly, our programs offer practical, easy-to-implement (sometimes hard to do) solutions that make a difference. Did we mention that each of our programs have won awards? Our newest, Defeating Unconscious Bias, has just been awarded a Telly Award.

Empowering Diverse Voices

What if you could encourage your entire team and organization to speak up for a more respectful workplace? The tools and inspiration to make a shift are here, built into each of these programs. From our bestselling product, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts to the acclaimed Inclusion Insights program and ground-breaking Anyone Can Be An Ally, and the other programs, we are dedicated to producing videos and training programs that you can use. In the workplace, at a school, in a government office, non-profit organization, etc.. Fully documented with comprehensive training materials, you’ll be up and running your training session, workshop, or lunch-n-learn discussion in no time.

Train the way you want to train: Groups, Classrooms, Individual, Remote
with DVD, USB, Streaming and Elearning courses
Or, we can conduct Workshops and Webinars with you

Each of our programs can be delivered across all formats: DVD, USB Flash Drive, Online Streaming and Elearning courses.
Ouch! and Gateway, and Defeating Unconscious Bias are available as E-Learning courses. We maintain a fully SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) that can be deployed to assist you in your online learning initiatives. The programs are available with alternative language subtitles.

Please contact us directly with your questions about our training programs, delivery options, facilitation and keynote speeches, licensing and pricing information. We can also create a customized version of these training programs just for you.

Workshops and Webinars 
Along with all the options listed above, we also offer in-person workshops and online webinars. Please call Joel Lesko for more information.

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