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Breakthrough Trainings For Unconscious Bias & Workplace Inclusion

Breakthrough Trainings For Unconscious Bias & Workplace Inclusion

Our e-learning programs will teach your people proven strategies and skills for creating a more welcoming and effective workplace
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E-Learning & Streaming
Thought-provoking programs that deliver results.
● Ouch! Stereotypes Hurt
● Inclusion Skills
● Unconscious Bias
● Becoming an Ally
● Prevent Sexual Harassment
Award winning productions
High production values are essential to keeping your employees engaged.
We’ve got ‘em.
● Entertaining
● Engaging.
● Thought provoking
Workshops via Zoom
Online sessions about unconscious bias and inclusion skill training.
● Live interactive sessions
● Advance your training remotely
● Customized for your organization
From AT&T to UCLA, Sysco to the State Department... Across all industries and sectors.
● Corporations
● Government Agencies
● Universities
● Non-Profits
Implicit bias training is an ongoing process
Do you have a grasp on how implicit bias shows up in your decision making? In your hiring process? We all have unconscious bias and it doesn't go away solely by raising awareness of it.
Disrupting implicit bias in your decision-making, hiring and all areas of your responsibilities requires awareness plus specific skills that you can practice and apply.
That's why Defeating Unconscious Bias training has been such a popular e-learning course. It outlines five things you can do to identify your own biases and counteract them.
Unconscious Bias training materials
Gain a workplace advantage by giving your team members with the skills needed to identify and defeat the biases that compromise their ability to work and lead effectively.

Implicit bias definition:
A bias is an inflexible conscious or unconscious belief about a particular category of people. Unconscious bias is in our mental blind spot – we are unaware that it is there.

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