Our Passion: Why We Do What We Do!

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Joel Lesko - President, SunShower

Joel is a longtime documentary filmmaker, as a director, writer and producer. Joel's work has appeared on PBS and cable networks and has received over two dozen film awards. Joel has worked with leading national and global organizations like AT&T, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Yale-New Haven Health, McDonald's and others to guide and support their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

What is a sunshower, anyway?

Imagine rain falling at the same time as sun is shining brightly, no clouds. It’s a miracle. And science explains: when rain drops are blown a long way into an area with no clouds, quite often, that's where you'll find a rainbow. Yes, a sunshower is a unique and inspiring event... and that’s what Joel Lesko, president, says our training is designed to be for tens of thousands of people.

What's behind our passion?

Doing good work. Helping people and organizations become more inclusive and successful... for 30 years. Making a difference in the world.

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Our Results

SunShower is on the cutting edge of the cognitive shift.

Our breakthrough work is about inclusion and respect, defining the challenges, outlining solutions and demonstrating how to implement anti-bias catalyst activities that can impact everyone.

Our products have been used by thousands of corporations, schools, governments and other organizations. But the most important result is when we hear that one of our trainings has helped someone personally.

Our Future

  • Launching the new sexual harassment course, Within Our Power
  • Online webinars on Unconscious Bias
  • In person workshops (when that resumes)
  • Customized courses for clients
  • A book about our experiences in the fascinating world of addressing unconscious bias in the workplace

Home Base

These days, in the time of the physical distancing, you’ll find Joel developing a new e-learning course, writing his latest screenplay (more about that soon!) or hanging around in his Ashland Oregon backyard helping Alia in the garden and tackling the ongoing challenge of building stick fences to keep Nova out of the tomato patch. (Ashland is just south of Portlandia).