Creating a Welcoming Workplace by Putting Inclusion into Action

Joel Lesko
August 26, 2020

Over the years, here at SunShower, we've focused on important topics with a narrow scope, with courses designed to help people practice speaking up against stereotypes, use tools to uncover and then disrupt unconscious biases. In the last few months, we've released a new program that is different. It's wide, not narrow. Foundational, not a piece of the puzzle. The Inclusion in Action program teaches 9 skills that are a wonderful starting point for any organization that wants to put inclusion, yes, into action.

The course can be easily integrated into your Diversity and Inclusion training curriculum because the skills are foundational guidelines. They not only interrupt common patterns of thought and behavior, but also provide new ways of thinking, speaking and acting to encourage greater inclusion, in order to increase collaboration and success. The skills are considered behavioral tools because, compared to many such general skills (for example, be respectful, listen, pay attention) they detail how to think, speak and behave differently. In these modules, the skills are taught through compelling video scenarios that help people anchor the content/skill in realistic stories.

Inclusion in Action is a complement to our other elearning courses in unconscious bias and speaking up against stereotypes because the 9 skills help develop greater empathy, self-reflection and an awareness impact. From "Try On" to "Notice Both Interpersonal Process and Content" the 9 Skills deliver new ways to practice business - especially now with the virtual meetings. Inclusion is more important than ever.

The Inclusion in Action training program is designed to help you teach and inspire your people to develop inclusion skills so that they can work more effectively across differences. Based on years of experience in testing and applying the Skills, we’ve found they can enhance:
Leadership Effectiveness
Diversity and Inclusion
Coaching and Mentoring
Business Culture
Individual, Team and Individual Performance

You can test drive the Inclusion in Action e-Learning course by filling out the form here. Then you'll get an email with instructions.

"In our efforts to move from awareness to action, we needed to find a way to make inclusion real and actionable." ~ Dawn Frazier-Bohnert, Senior Vice President and Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Liberty Mutual

"Inclusion in Action eLearning not only brings attention to inclusion as a necessary leadership skill, it teaches skills that everyone in an organization can learn and practice. Best of all, the vignettes are realistic and really grab your attention." ~ Gerry Fernandez, President and Founder, Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)

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Creating a Welcoming Workplace by Putting Inclusion into Action

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