These are the workplace trends that give us hope
joel lesko
December 14, 2019

Excellent read, especially #3.
For those looking for the best way to emphasize D&I, as the heading suggests, try our new eLearning. Inclusion in Action, developed with Liberty Mutual Insurance, has been field-tested by more than 35,000 people with excellent results.


Having a diverse workforce helps companies with productivity and success, and that led to diversity in hiring becoming a bigger priority this decade, says Armer.

A recent study found organizations in the top 25% for gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15%, and those in the top quarter for ethnic diversity exceed competitors’ performance by 35%.

“By keeping diversity in mind when recruiting, companies started building stronger and more inclusive workforces to gather new perspectives and bolster creativity,” says Armer. “Diversity and inclusion have become core focus areas for companies beyond just hiring; organizations have built-in programs that help recognize biases and therefore support efforts to be more inclusive in the workplace.”

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